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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A collection







I am in the 'upcoming designer of the year' competition and it takes place at the triangle shopping centre in manchester on the 19th of october at 6pm.

This is the collection that is being entered into the competition.

'Now in its fourth year, Triangle Shopping Centre’s North West Young Designer of the Year is a fantastic platform for young fashion designers to set themselves apart in a notoriously competitive industry.

Some of Triangle’s hottest retailers, including Jigsaw, Aspecto and Bravissimo will also appear in a catwalk show featuring their A/W 2010 collections.

Refreshments will be provided and guests will be able to enjoy live DJs.

Spokesperson for Triangle, Michelle Atack comments: “Young Designer of The Year is now an established and respected event - proving that the North West fashion courses have plenty to boast about.

The Grand Final of North West Designer of the Year 2010 is free and open to the public'


janettaylor said...

Awesome! I love a lot...

stacey kelly said...

lovingggg the prints and open-backs!

Krystal said...

congrats!!! These are great! I'm in love the blue/white kind of tie dye looking one :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! Amazing! You have so much talent! Your designs are stunning

thesydneygirl said...

wowowow! good luck! looks amazing! love the graphic prints! x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment.
Wow beautiful collection and good luck with the competition.

Mon Cheri said...

Holy cow, these designs are amazing !!!!
I would wear all of them

well done <3

and thanks for your lovely comment :)

Cheri, xxx

Serena P. said...

Fantasitc! Want you follow me?!

Kate said...

I of course love them allll :)
can't wait to see the show, i will be there front row wooping you on hahaha bring it on xxxxxxx

ps i have wayy too much work to do, why does it take so longgg????x

Yasemin said...

Love it! I especially love the skirt...any way to buy these?

PaolinaBM said...

these dresses are superb!
I like your blog! Started following you! Follow back if you wish! It would be great!

la reina cotilla said...

Hello, thanks for writting in my blog, I love your collection, I just saw your portfolio, it´s awesome, congrats.

Vanilla.Taste said...

wow beautiful :) i like what i see :D


Rosie Unknown said...

Those are amazing! I love the beads!

Missy Cheeks said...

i like all the dresses specially the 2nd one.u are very talented,keet it going ;)

MC's Closet said...

this seriously reminds me of something alexander mcqueen would whip out! AMAZING

ps. MC's CLoset is back in buisness, come check it out!!!

Joanne Faith said...

Good luck, I am sure you will do well! I like the lilac dress, very sweet xo


hey congrats. the prints are just way too unique. i like that fabricated one, sick!



Daniella said...

thank you for stopping by!!!
You have a very cute blog ;)

johanna said...

OMG so pretty. Love all of them

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love them! You're very talent! Good luck for the competiton!

jewel said...

looks amazing - the prints are fantastic!
x x x

Mumbles said...

I love all those clothes
the prints are awesome
Such a nice post


iKali said...

Your job is brillant!!! Congrats!

Ingrid Kali

The Owl's Closet said...

These pieces look great! Best of luck with the competition!:)

chellemorgan said...

Amazing! You have a great taste in fashion - I love the skirt, and all the colours you've used are perfect. Good luck!!

Xo Chelle

Nathan Scott - Krint Designer said...

Love it girl well done in the fashion show you'll go far trust if u can can join my team yessir

Marcia B. said...

Omg i am sure you will do so well, girll i would definitely buy your clothes, they are so hotttttt. I really love your designs sincerely. How did the competition go?!! You better have won!!!!!

Oh btw, in the last picture, it was a designer trying to upstage some fashion drama to get 5 mins of fame lol, the police broke it up! lol

Agneta said...

Just one word about your blog;


Agneta, the swedish one ;)

Sabina said...

Awesome :)) I love all of these <3
I hope you'll check out and eventually follow (only if you like it of course! :)) my blog <3

lorenabr said...

Lovely dear I wish you all the best:)

Ginta said...

Congratulations! It's awesome! I love the layered pieces, they're so beautiful! I love also the color scheme.

Hilaloeya said...

thnx for the lovely comment!
Wauww amazing that you are a designer! I am going to study that next year!
lovely blog!
come follow I will follow back!


STEFANIE said...

Amazing work, I love the silhouettes!

Le garçon avec les lunettes said...

So so so so cute photos!!!!

Debora said...

hi dear, thank you for your lovely comment in my tokyoblondes :)

great blog and great inspirations, well done !
I love all these dresses, especially the open back one !


Stefani said...

Love it!!You're talented!!

Spence. said...

Oh wow these are such amazing designs! You're soo talented!
Hope the event went well m'dear

Following ;)

Anonymous said...

Stunning prints! Love them.
You are so talented!

Zarna said...

WOW! amazing collection!!!


Tilly said...

Awww i'm so sad I missed this!! my flat is right in deansgate so I could of gone boo :(

you're so talented! These dresses are absolutely beautiful!

He he my gran definetly should have a knitting business! I'll tell her to get knitting! X

ps I'm so glad to see a fellow mancunian in the blogasphere!

CaliforniaCandy said...

What a fantastic blog, you have a vivid imagination! Good luck!

Thanks for your sweet comment!

Blah Blah Becky said...

Hi Rianna, thank you for commenting on my blog!

You had no need to be nervous, your collection is really beautiful. I would 100% buy it!

I will get some photos of the event sent over to you tomorrow (I am still editing them as I took a LOT so I just put my very favourite shots on my blog!).

Well done on getting so far in the competition. I'm sure we'll be seeing much more of you.... ^_^

Becky x

WM said...



Chelsey said...

The speckle printed tank is to die for <3

claire (jazzpad.) said...

Good luck! I wish I could attend, these pieces look great and I'm sure the standard of all the entrants are really high! Who knows which future design star could be gracing the audience' presence... jazzy ♥

Beth said...

Okay, I am absolutely in love with these.

FashionJazz said...

Love these!! : )

Clara said...

amazing pics
lovely blog!

Anonymous said...

The prints are amazing! especially in the last dress

Miss Neira

Gorgeous Clara said...

thanks a lot! great stuff!

Kate said...

Hey smelly! I haven't done any work yet today, but I will start in a few minutes! I have soo much to do :( I think I might give the essay a go a bit later I cant be bothered with it right now!!
That coat HATES me!!!!! I have 1 button left on it HA! Not very good quality for a £90 coat! I am quite shocked really but I love it so I don't want to give it up. I was going to leave a voicemail but your phone just kept ringing.....
I had lots of intentions of going into uni this week and I just haven't oops!! I keep going on blogs instead how naughty!!
Are you free next wednesday to go out?! I will ask mo if I know you can go xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I love the choose of fabrics and the desings!! Fantastic!

Whora said...

Glitter and tiny dresses is the recipe for perfection! love

T.Rose said...

what an amazing collection! Some really stunning pieces.

Oh and thanks for commenting on my blog :)


Rosie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
Harry Potter...ahh!

Your designs are gorgeous - I love the intricate beading detail.

Anonymous said...

thank-you for the comment on my post, i love these! so much xxx