The personal diary of fashion accessory brand owner Rianna Phillips.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Jesus, Mary and . . . . . . JOSEPH!

I am totally Obsessed with grey, especially grey jersey. If I see anything in the fabulous fabric I HAVE TO HAVE IT! So when we got this Joseph blazer in at work I developed a massive love for it. The only problem was that is was £375! To my delight it went in the sale and eventually dropped down to £99!!!!! What I love about it is the tone of gold in the buttons, they are shiny but dulled down at the same time. To ensure we still had it in stock whilst it began to be reduced I hid it in the stock room safely and just before I made a trip to London for my birthday I snapped it up! I can't believe I finally have it! This is me in the hotel room in Kensigton, about to head out for a busy days shopping on a recent london trip.

Here are a few more snaps from the trip. Every time I go to london we always find a new area or a great new hotel. Here are a few snaps from our adventure:
 A random desk in the massive lobby of the Raddisson Hotel, Canary Wharf

The Marni Store

The view from our hotel

Midday treats, to keep up the shopping energy

A protest in trafalgar square

Just emmmm tucked our car up, it wanted a nap

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Captain Cabinet, trapped in a cabinet


Have you heard that wonderful rhyme by the mighty boosh?! They are lyrical geniuses! When my mum bought me my compact cabinet for my birthday, she wrote 'Captain Cabinet, trapped in a cabinet, can he get out, will he get out, course he can!' on the label! I think I've accidently brain washed her with the mighty boosh!
Any who, here are the A3 sheets of my final line up. They finally have fashion illustration doodled on top and the crazy background of patterns that I nicked from the Fenchurch adds that I came across on
I put black and white patterns on the concept board too so it all ties in together.