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Sunday, 18 January 2009

Captain Cabinet, trapped in a cabinet


Have you heard that wonderful rhyme by the mighty boosh?! They are lyrical geniuses! When my mum bought me my compact cabinet for my birthday, she wrote 'Captain Cabinet, trapped in a cabinet, can he get out, will he get out, course he can!' on the label! I think I've accidently brain washed her with the mighty boosh!
Any who, here are the A3 sheets of my final line up. They finally have fashion illustration doodled on top and the crazy background of patterns that I nicked from the Fenchurch adds that I came across on
I put black and white patterns on the concept board too so it all ties in together.



the harlequin cape/jacket is so incredible
like the illustrations


A La Mode said...

Love the coat on the bottom left! The outfit next to that is lush too xx

i.d. said...

That coat on the bottom left? WOW. xx

Joezehh said...

hahaa, i love the mighty boosh (its outrageous quite how much, but probably not as much as the OBSESSIVES, you know the ones, right?)
i also love that harlequin print cape. it's gorgeous. make it, i'll buy it off you :)

i love your blog long time, i too love love love grey jersey. want to exchange links?

x x x x

Fayoona said...

teeeheeee, miso miso.. awesome boosh reference.