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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Jesus, Mary and . . . . . . JOSEPH!

I am totally Obsessed with grey, especially grey jersey. If I see anything in the fabulous fabric I HAVE TO HAVE IT! So when we got this Joseph blazer in at work I developed a massive love for it. The only problem was that is was £375! To my delight it went in the sale and eventually dropped down to £99!!!!! What I love about it is the tone of gold in the buttons, they are shiny but dulled down at the same time. To ensure we still had it in stock whilst it began to be reduced I hid it in the stock room safely and just before I made a trip to London for my birthday I snapped it up! I can't believe I finally have it! This is me in the hotel room in Kensigton, about to head out for a busy days shopping on a recent london trip.

Here are a few more snaps from the trip. Every time I go to london we always find a new area or a great new hotel. Here are a few snaps from our adventure:
 A random desk in the massive lobby of the Raddisson Hotel, Canary Wharf

The Marni Store

The view from our hotel

Midday treats, to keep up the shopping energy

A protest in trafalgar square

Just emmmm tucked our car up, it wanted a nap


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-love that grey jacket, a great story about hiding it too, LOL!! I adore Sloane Street, i love popping in and having a browse in the different designer stores!! Next time, try Brick Lane on a Sunday morning-plenty of vintage shops and market stalls, some expensive, some not so. Some lovely eating stalls too. The vintage shops are all around, try walking up Commercial Road (behind Brick Lane) and into Spitalfields market.Thanks for stopping by too!

knitkicks said...

I love it there, its amazing. Saturday is the day to go. So much vintage, and there's designers trying to make their way with their own stalls too. I was lucky enough to have a flat near there for a while.

jen x

i.d. said...

I love the buttons on your jacket!

P.S. I've tagged you for the 4th pic challenge. xx

Fashion Moment said...

Great, great photos!

FM said...

that market looks like heaven! and yes sequins totally make every outfit so much better, i recently purchased a cropped sequin shrug, vintage, its adorable i just cant wait to wear it!

MarieAnn said...

I just got back from London, was there for 11 days but never made it to Camden for vintage shopping.. :( Oh, well, next time.. And I'll have to pay a visit to that marni shop as well ;)

Bella said...

The jacket is incredible... and I love the images.

I want to be there right now, shopping!


June Paski said...

aww the market is paradise :p, and i heart the jacket

Underfunded Heiress said...

I love the photos of the shop with the mannequins. It's such an artsy photo. I want to shop!

Looks like a great time!

Brigadeiro said...

Love love love grey marle too, and that jacket's gorgeous!

Shopping in London's so amazing, I love shopping around Notting Hill, Convent Garden, Sloane Street. Fave stores: Koh Samui, Matches Fashion, Browns Fashion, Stella McCartney and the major department stores (I can't remember the names of the cute little stores in Convent Garden & Notting Hill).

Am so jealous, as I wish I could go there often like you do ;)

PS. My sister tells me Spitalfields market is really good ;)

Daphne said...

i love all these stores! sorry, my english... not so good

nice blog!

Hanako66 said...

I love that coat!! I am so glad that I found your blog (thank you for the comment). I just became a follower:) Have a great day!