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Monday, 20 December 2010












Pictures of my work area at uni.
These are images I have either made myself, ripped out of magazines,
found on the net, or got out of library books.


modern viking vixen said...

what an inspirational work space :)


knalleffekt said...

cool pics. i wish you a merry christmas

Heather said...

gorgeous! I admire your neatness :P
Hope you have a very sexy Christmas!!

xx Heather

Becky-May said...

lovely inspo. my bedroom wall looks like this! hope you had a fab christmas!


xxx said...

I love your inspiration wall! Hope you had a great holiday xoxo

northwest is best said...

Wow. Looks like you've been working hard! Are you based in the Toast Rack? I live near there and cycle past it almost everyday.

Mary Lee said...

I really love these pictures, very inspirational :)

hope you'll visit/follow

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

nice inspiration!

Jen said...

Inspiration indeed!!

So glad I stumbled upon your blog today!

Jen said...

Oh and sweetie, have you added your city info to Location Central yet? It's where you can see who blogs by you. We're all on there!

Jelka said...

Great pics and inspiration!
Thanks for your sweet comment, you have a new follower!

Henar said...

your work area is truly inspirational, love it!!

fashion nightmare said...

thanks for your comment :)

gorgeous !

i love your work.



Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Love these! x hivennn.

Fashion Queen said...

Beautiful inspiration.

Angga said...

Great inspiration especially the gold dress

SV said...

I´d really like to study fashion in Britain, as you do! However, I don´t know if it is expensive and too difficult for a foreigner to entre to universities in Britan. What do you think?
Best wishes

Chez said...

I love your ethic of re-using clothing, it's great! Also your work space is beautiful, love all the jewelly colours. My close friend is studying textile design, very jealous of both of you! Christmas may have gone but we still have New Year to look forward to :) xx Chez

Tugba said...

I have a inspiration board too :) but at home. On those days where I'm not sure what to wear I just look at it :D and tadaaaaaaa I'm ready in 10minutes hehe

EyesNeverLied said...

What an inspirational post!
it looks like christopher kane or sth like that! just love it!
thanks 4 ur comment!
follow me!=)