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Friday, 1 July 2011








Sky Ferreira by Hugh Lippe for StyleCaster

Sorce: fgr


Victoria said...

love all of these! they are so amazing :)

Isabella Éclairés Rakonić said...

LOVE IT!!! this is so arty!

Rosa Pel said...

like theses photos

Chloe Mia said...

These are amazing!

moonstruck-expose said...

These photographs are so inspiring. My fiance literally would die over these as he's in graphic design, etc. I just emailed him your post- bc it will totally send him into a designing tail spin! I love your blog!!! I am so happy I just stumbled on it bc it is amazing!

I am of course following you now!

Hope you'll come visit me sometime. ;)

moonstruck exposé

x. juliana

Mary M. said...

I love inspirational posts and your special writing! Lovely blog! I was wonderring if you would have time to check mine, possibly follow? Hope we keep in touch!

Mary from

whitney said...

WOW! Those are so amazing! Love it.

ASH said...

wow, these are so creative i love them!

paula :) said...

Holaa!! :DD
Me encantan todas las fotos, la que más la de la trenza jaja :)
Pasate cuando quieras! Besosss!!

paula :) said...

Sorry for y comment in Spanish :)
i love all the pictures, most the braid :)
kisesss!! Pau<3

Max Skofic said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, appreciate your thoughts, I'm fairly new on here so i didn't know how to reply directly....?
If you drop me an email, i can get bk to your question!

Becca. said...

love the third photo! sky looks amazing!

thanks for the comment on my blog :)

Shevah said...

WOW This is AMAZING. I love it!!


Patrycja said...

very creative blog.

Rita said...

These are gorgeous!

Tea For Two said...

Gorgeous and inspiring.

Diane said...

Hi Rianna! thank u for ur kind words! yes I painted them :) Youre taking fashion in ManchesterUni?? I graduated from there last yr! I was alwaysss soooo jealous of you fashion people. The fashion shows looked like so much fun! Oh man I miss Manc soo much! Great pictures!! Love your style. Following now! Hope you can visit again sometime :D
Diane xxx

Ramona said...

Sooo fierce!

xoxo Ra

le pearl said...

This is brilliant, it doesn't even look like Skye as I am used to her lion mane! I am so glad I still have contact with you and your blog btw misss I admire your print work. I think I have told you I am doing textile design next year :D

MIRIAM said...

Great pictures....I like it
A kiss from Italy

Fashion Crazy Ball:

Raji said...

These are just incredible

Jessica said...

Thanks for your comment, great blog :)

Please take a minute to look at my vintage boutique;

le pearl said...

yes yesss I am at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney. I certainly will come straight to you if I need any advice ;) I was always kinda hoping you would say that because I just adored your projects over the last year !

So yeah I am in Sydney. Ahhh Darwin nice and hot! Why not? Melbourne and Sydney are great (actually a must see) and Queensland's northern reefs are supposedly beautiful too.
What are you doing now you have finished your majors? x

Radiant.MakeUp said...

These are completely stunning :)
gorgeous!! x

Radiant.MakeUp said...

These are completely stunning :)
gorgeous!! x

liza said...

These are just breathtakingly gorgeous.


Jan said...

Wow these pics are just great!
They're so cool!