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Monday, 3 October 2011

George Angelopoulos













Did anyone else have a propper good nosey at all the amazing exhibitors at London Fashion Week?! I think I actually enjoyed the exhibition more than the fashion shows because there was such a mixture of creative design and you could get a good close up view of the products. There were a few in particular that stood out to me, one was the handbag designer George Angelopoulos. I was lucky enough to meet him and have a natter with him about the inspiration behind his stunning collection. He was so enthusiastic and excited about his creations and I can't blame him, they were freakin well gorgeous!

Top of my list is that gorgeous slightly larger bag that was held captive in the glass draw of the display case (6th pic from the top), i enterpreted the metalware as a skeletal structure but I suppose everyones translation would vary. I'd also happily settle for one of those luxe menswear bags in the pics 8th, 9th and 10th from the top (all from SS10).

I have borrowed the clippet below from his profile page on the London Fashion Week Website (here) as he explains it best what influences him and the type of consumer he designs for.

Design signatures: “The aesthetic is influenced by architecture and futurism, experimenting with geometric forms whilst creating innovative design. The essential feature of the label is product craftsmanship and precision finishing. Each piece has an association with an historical place, time or individual that presents a story to the customer."

How would you describe the George Angelopoulos woman? “She has a strong personality, her own sense of style and likes to be adventurous.”

Name three things that are inspiring you for spring/summer 2011: “Architecture, early 20th century Futurist paintings and dynamism.”

How do you see the brand moving forward and developing?
“I aim to establish the brand and expand into different markets through hard work and dedication.”

Above are images from his SS11 collection, mens SS10 collection and snaps taken by me at the exhibition.

You can find his bags stocked online at:

And also check out his online lookbook here:

C'mon George get one sent my way!


el_martina said...

beautiful bags!!!

Kyla said...

These are such beautiful bags! I love all the colors and geometric aspects of them.

Antonia said...

Oh wooow, these bags are true art!!! ;)



Anonymous said...

Oh wow! These are all so stunning! I am checking out the designer now! Love!


Michelle's Style File said...

These bags are amazing!


Moda said...

Grazie mille per il tuo commento. l'ultima borsa è la mia preferita. Se ti va possiamo seguirci a vicenda.

el_martina said...

Thank you for comment. I love the new Selfridges beauty department. I love there MAC and Illamasqua ;) Enjoy the Trafford Centre tomorrow and let me know what you thinking about the centre. Kisses!!!!

NRC♥ said...

I love the snake printy one.

Moni said...

amazing bags!
thanks for the visit

A BRIT GREEK said...

Wowsers, me kinda wants it all! Especially the black clutch with mirrored pieces. Thanks for sharing girl and also thank you for stopping by!

AestheticJungle said...

gorgeous bags!

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CHULALA said...

nice post,gr8 blog with the pics i lyk..
Bdw come check awt me fashion blog n lets follow each other lyk twitter

lusine said...

cool bags!