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Friday, 30 March 2012

Shades of Suffusion

I had a fantastic day at Photographer Emma Pilkington's studio, here I can finally share with you the result of our shoot. My bags and accessories. All of which are available at my Etsy Shop which you can visit here or

Also had a great review on local blog Business Boom Bolton, check it out here.

Photography: Emma Pilkington
Makeup artist: Emma Flynn
Models: Models: Erin Scott, Alison Carmichael
Graphic design: me!


Antonia said...

This looks amazing!!


monica said...

great shoot! i love the styling

and congrats on ur accessories selling so well

lucia m said...

loving the clutches!

Steven Brown said...

WOW I LOVE YOUR BLOG ! I AM NOW FOLLOWING. I hope you can check mine and follow: thanks for your time. GOD BLESS!


Naina said...

LOVE the clutch with the metallic base, care to send me one ;) I'd laaav you forever.

Sophie said...

Such a great shoot! I adore the make-up!

Meganne said...

Breath taking! Love the embelleshed eyebrows, very Chanel! Thanks for your great comment, we should follow each other!
Material Fixations

Femke. said...

great shoot, love the editing,
and the bags are beautiful! :)


Jessie said...

Amazing shoot!! Completely love it, you guys look sooo awesome! Will check out your etsy page asap!

Check out 87Life on Facebook!

Unknown said...

Darling, these are AMAZING!!!! I love love love the shoot and the bags - so glad to have found your designs!!

she is red

Rin Handika said...

Oh really love your post!!
Maybe we can follow each other if you want? <3

Tere Ávila said...

great and perfect looks honey, i really love them!

nice to meet your blog!


Clara Turbay said...

i like so much the way you do your job here simple and fu

Prittii said...

Very nice style! :)

You two have also really good bodies. Maybe someday some post about diet style would be cool.


Pip said...

All of these pictures look so amazing! I love all of the stuff in your shop, especially the purple large clutches with the metallic strip at the bottom, so cool! Thank you for the comment on my blog!

Pip x

Azzurra said...

Cute photos.
Thanks for your comment!