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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Crystal Castle

A few pics from my Byron Bay adventure. We went on a road trip to Crystal Castle in Mullumbimby. It was AMAZING! I can't post too may pics because they have all gone into the making of a future print collection.

A little bird made sure there was absolutely no crumbs left in the extra tasty organic chocolate cake from the cafe.

My sister and her brand new gorgeous son Jacob (who looks a bit concerned!)

Me getting in touch with my spiritual side! The crystal mosiac lotus that covered the front of the platform was absolutely stunning.

If you are in the Byron Bay area, a trip to Crystal Castle is highly recommended

81 Monet Drive
NSW 2482


Sarah Harradine said...

I looove this post. I want to go here so bad!

electric feel said...

wow, great pics!
your sister looks great with that cutie :)

Arlie said...

I can't wait to see the prints you create!! This looks magical.